Sprout Pro By HP

Sprout Pro By HP
Posted: 11 months, 1 week ago ( 2 comments )

This is the most interting desktop that we have seen for a long time, The HP Sprout Pro is aimed at creative professionals, students and instructors to the ground breaking Sprout platform.

The HP Sprout Pro consolidates the PC, document camera, 2D and 3D scanners, and more into a cost effective, all-in-one solution that reinvents the way we create, collaborate and share.

The HP Sprout Pro Companion for Skype for Business enables a new level of remote sharing and collaboration including the ability to share a Sprout 2D capture during a Skype meeting, as well as easily annotate on the Skype whiteboard using the Sprout pen and mat.

Ray Libby 11 months ago

I saw this at CES this year, it's one of those things that could be a massive success, but it will more than likely be a massive failure.

i don't think the world is ready for the HP Sprout, no doubt they will sell a few to the must have early adopters.

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Pete McCarthy 11 months ago

We have an HP sprout at the university where I work and it is really cool, the ability to 3D scan and then 3D print is awesome. It's like 3D photocopying! We can quiclky scan objects and import them in to blender, add to them and then 3D print them.

The HP sprout should be available in all UK schools, colleges and universities, the UK is going to need a lot of graduates who are capable of utilising 3D printing and scanning technology.

Hopefully the technology from the sprout will be in all desktop computers in a few years time and 3D scanning and printing will be as commonplace as 2D scanning and printing.

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